“Set Me Free” Movie Review

I had planned to watch this movie when it’s scheduled to show in Korea Indonesia Film Festival 2015. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch it because I could only come to theater in Saturday while the movie was in Sunday. But finally, after maybe a week, it’s in gooddrama.net so I ASAP downloaded it. Firstly, I had expected perhaps this movie is about you know, several typical Korean youth movie, that I’ve watched, it’s about sexual abused, but in fact it’s totally different. If can say it’s about relationship between a teenager and his parents.

The movie is actually simple but in the end I feel like, this movie is amazing, it’s great. The character who was played by Choi Woo Sik as Young jae here is brilliant. I think a good film is when after you finished watching it, you still think about it and so with this movie.

This movie depicts a common teenager who was abandoned by his parents but beyond of that he also get pressure from anyone around him. Young jae lives in such shelter house with his adoptive parents, but his adoptive parents force him to leave the house soon, in the other side, his real father also doesn’t want to be responsible to him and his brother, even his father plans to make Young jae’s brother lives with him in shelter house. Yong jae feels depressed and I know how he feels when a teenage in his age needs so many things then he takes a bad way by stealing his adoptive parent’s new shoes in storage room. I know stealing is wrong but in this movie it’s not about wrong but it’s how Young jae can survive. I think he’s so clever and good in making a deal, he sells the shoes to his classmate and the money is used like for giving present to Priest, to his brother,, yeah I think it’s the way he can get survive. But the point is, when he struggles to be a good student in his adoptive parent, Priest, even his tutor Noona from Seoul univ, so he can make to University by scholarship, he also get pressure by his real father to take care of his bro. It’s not because he doesn’t want it and act like a bad son but he want to be free, when he wants to go to univ although he isn’t really smart, gets his own goal to be a priest, makes a quiet life even he promises several times to his adoptive parents that he will return their kindness someday. His adoptive parents seem to be nice but actually they’re really cold and don’t wanna know the first thing is he has just to leave the house. The priest and his Noona mentor also seem so nice and act like they concern of Young jae’s aim becoming a priest but in the end they’re careless especially when there’s an accident when Young jae’s real father comes to the shelter house entrust his brother to him. How can it make Young jae doesn’t rage when his father force him, and he did it twice, God… I hate his father. And yeah I agree why this movie is entitled ‘Set me free’ cause that’s the fact and as if it’s Young jae says in his heart.

I nearly cried when the movie came to an end, it’s not really clear but in my assumption Young jae is getting desperate of his life and perhaps he plans to end it because when he transfers to another shelter house in the village, he’s like packing his own good and he doesn’t bring it but he drops it to his brother. I was so sad.

U know because of this movie I really like Choi Woo Sik. Choi Woo Sik, I respect you. I give 95 for this movie and really waiting for his next project in the future. It’s a good movie, about a teenager who needs attention and loves from family while in fact, nobody doesn’t want him even his real parents.

And I love the poster ..


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Korean movie review: The accomplice

Yahooo~ suddenly comeback again with my korean movie review…

This time I’ll review ‘The accomplice’ or in other title ‘Blood and ties’

How’s the poster? makes you sad, right? No? Yes?

Well the main casts are son ye jin and ahjussi in cinderella sister as moon geun yeong’s step father, remember?. Hah~ if it relates to the story about family espesially parents to their children absolutely it’s going on to be the blue~~~ sad, sorrow, desperate, separate, accident, sick, bla bla bla~ that’s the possibilities.

The casts, synopsis, and other info relate the movie, here http://asianwiki.com/images/e/e0/Blood_and_Ties-p1.jpg

and here is my comment that I attached it in asianwiki~ related to the movie

Until the end it still makes me confused but the additional scene suddenly make it clear… the fact that soon man very loves daeun, though daeun is not his real daughteis that he kidnapped her since she was baby, and his bro inlaw treated him, so in order soo man didnt loose her daugther he kidnapped in soo’s son and asked for money but unfortunately soon man killed in soo’s son… one thing what we should learn from this movie is that a father always love his child and always wants to protect her, but every parent has their own way how to protect their children, right?

Well, I give the point for this movie…. 89 of 100.

The best moment, and also made me wanna cry… so much and really touched, when without telling her father Da eun follow him to go fishing *because initially she suspicious her father is not going fishing because she said her father never catch any fishes* but in the end she knew that her father actually is going to work as valley parker even in his off day and lied to her daugher. :'(

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Korean ‘One Take’ Music Video

I wonder why recently most of Korean MV shot by ‘one take video’. You know one take video like the MV is not consist of several scenes of video as always but it’s like the event is in one time moment, without cutting. Maybe I think before the video was shot they had to practice for several times right? Coz if in one part they lost what she/he has to do, it has to be started from the beginning. Ok for the brief let’s take a look for several videos that use one take video style.

Exo – Growl

This is the first I think who introduce such kind of the video. Owh no… I just remember that Sunny hill made such a video before.

Sunny hill – Goodbye to romance

XIA junsu – 11am

The most amazing video, it’s not easy to sing live right? I overheard that making this video the staff only need one take, yeah real one take without NG.

Taeyang – Ringga lingga dance ver

Secret – I do I do

Dickpunks – ‘안녕 여자친구’

Miss $) – You were not the..(Narr. Verbal Jint)

The most recent video,
IU – Friday

Semi ‘one take video’

Why I called it as semi, because not the entire video used ‘one take’ maybe the beginning it’s started from several scenes, not really in ‘one take’, yeah something like that

K will ft Noel – Perfume
FYI, the model is lee seung gi.

And don’t forget about this
Fanta idol Music video !

So far those are the videos that I watched. I think I like this kind of video, really interesting to re-watch again. I believe there’s still much more another korean ‘one take’ music video that I haven’t watched so if you have one just share it here guys.

So now what you’re thinking, let’s discuss it here.

Source: All the videos are belong to their original youtube account

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Keluhan bwat JNE

Well maybe now I wanna share something out of the context beside Korea, it’s about one of shiping service in Indonesia, JNE. It’s better if I talk in Indonesian.

*sory dibawah gw bakalan pake ‘gw’ dan ‘aku yah*

Baru beberapa jam yang lalu aku baru cekcok ama kurir JNE di tengah jalan. Masalahnya panjang, well let me try to recite it in a brief.


Udah dari seminggu yang lalu, hari senin,  temen aku ngirimin barang ke aku, niatnya sih supaya perkiraan hari rabu *dalam 2 hari* itu nyampe soalnya tadinya kita kan gak kan ketemu dalam 2 hari, eh padahal hari jumatnya kita ketemuan koq, masalhnya udah seminggu itu yg berarti dah hari senin lagi brang yang di JNE itu blom nyampe. Aku tadi langsung sms aja nanyain dengan baik-baik ngesms ‘barang dgn no resi skian… atas nama *nama gw* udah sampai mana yah? udah agak lama beberapa jaman gitu blom dibales, kesel dong takut di besok-besokin lagi eh masih di jwab, berhubung gw gak ada pulsa si kurir beda lagi no nya ma gw, secara mahal dong nelepon gw miscall in aja, temen aku yang ngirim jg jadi ikut kesel dia ikut misscall aja trus dia bilangnya bakalan ngancem di kasih tau ke pusat gitu deh complaint. Nah akhirnya kayaknya si kurirnya tuh kesel trus tiba2 ngebales sms kayak gni ‘Maknya ngasih alamat jgn asal2an giliran saya kirim asal2an saya juga yg disalahin! Skrg saya mau ketemu *nyebit nama gw* langsung bisa gk?’ Dalam hati gw ‘gila nih kurir sms nya koq gni bgt, pake tanda seru lagi, apaaan nih’ ya udah aku langsung jwb aja msih dgn intonasi yg sopan ‘Maaf yah kenapa jadi anda yg marah anda jg blom nanya ke saya atau konfirmasi alamat, atau minta alamat lain, saya cman penerima yg gak tau apa2, saya hanya ingin meyakan aja paket saya sudah dmna, klo menurut anda alamatnya masih krg jelas kenapa gak baik2 jwb sms sayaminta alamat yg jelas, malah anda nantang ketemuan langsung, apa2an itu koq jadi saya yg disalahkan’

si kurir bales lagi ‘saya sudah b’kali2 nelvon k’no yg ada dipaket tp gk pernah ada jwban… dsmspun sma gk prnh balez… Skrg saya mu tanya! Mau paketnya keterima gak? klo mau sok ketemuan langsung dmna mumpung saya masih di *kawasan alamat*’ <– ini tuh semakin bkin gw anas tau gak, setelah dteng tanda seru yang kedua si kurir ini kesannya koq malah ngancem gitu yah pake blg ‘Mau paketnya keterima gak?’ ini pantes gak sih sebetulnya keluar dari mulut seorang jasa kurir secara kurir harus tau dong basic si costumer itu kan emang pengen barangnya cepet ada dan sampai, jadi ini tuh kesannya ngancem trus maksa.

Gw jwab lagi ‘Ke no mana? Saya gak pernah menerima satu telp pun makanya saya nanya via sms tadi. Saya sdng bekerja skrg klo anda sdah di *kawasan alamat* silahkan krim ke *gw kasih alamt yg baru, tpt kerja bokap gw, mungkin kan maksudnya dia gak nemuin alamat yg ada di paket*’

Kurir jwb lagi ‘Ini *nama gw* mana? Saya harus ketemu orgnya lansgung takut salah lgi ntar saya yang repot lgi… Klo gk bsa hari ini kpan saya bisa ketemu?’ komentar gw yah itu si kurir blg ‘saya yg repot lagi’… yey namanya kerja situ, repot ya masalah elo x,kenapa gak mau repot? klo gak mau repot ya jgn kerja aja sekalian ampun di lama2 kurir tuh kayaknya gak tau diri, kita kan udah bayar mereka.


Ya udah gw jwb lgi ‘Anda bikins aya bolos kerja aja. Ya sudah anda dmna? kenapa anda gak tau *kawasan alamat dipaket* itu dmna?’ Srjauh ini gw masih pake kata saya dan anda, kliatannya malah gw yg lebih sopan yah, secara gw sih berpendidikan.


Eh tau2 nya si kurir ntah kenapa kyaknya si kurir ini lagi banyak masalah apa stup*d gitu tiba2 marah2 lgi ‘Ibu yg ribet ngasih alamat ! *tanda seru ketiga dteng brow… gw disini marah banget.. kerja udah gak fokus pokoknya, muka jadi merah, ngenes banget, kayak yag gak dihargain gw sebagai konsumen* B’tahun2 saya kirim ke daerah *kawasan alamat* blum pernah seribet ini. Saya sudah di *tpt yg udah dket alamat paket gw*’

Kenapa sih ini kurir malah marah yah ke gw, trus isi sms diatas tuh isinya curhat blg gw yg salah, trus ngebandingin ama pengalaman pekerjaan dia udah bertahun-tahun. Bertahun2 koq gni melayani pelanggan. Trus langsung aja gw jwb dgn sedetail2nya alamat paket yg gw ini tuh dmna, ini tuh sbetulnya dket tukang galon gitu, sampe si kurirnya bales ‘Mu diambil gk neh paketnya?’ . Gw sampe istigfar nih baca balesan sms yg satu ini, pkonya sms tuh trus smpe gw beres kerja dan gw keluar tpt kerja gw dan ketemu si kurir yg lgi nongkrong di warung sbeleh tpt kerja gw. Di jln gw msih ngenes kan langsung blg ‘mas gak tau nih nih, ini tuh no 12 itu, gak bisa apa nyari ato nanya?’ si kurir bales blg ‘iya bu saya jg udah nyari tanya sana sini tapi gak ada yang tau no 12’. Ampun dalam hati gw apa susah gitu nyari satu persatu no, masa kurir gak bisa nyari no rmh. Trus si kurirnya masih nyolot ‘ini bu no telp ibu ini gak bisa di hub’ gw jwb ‘ini tuh bukan no saya mas, harusnya mas nanya ke pengirimnya aja’ trus si kurir masih ngeles ‘saya tadi sudah dteng ke tukang galon *yg disamping bgt rmh alamat paket gw* katanya gak tau nama ibu, org2 disekitarpun gak tau nama ibu’, gw jwb lagi gak mau kalah ‘mas kirimin aja ke no 12 emang susah gitu saya kan kerja mas disitu bukan tinggal’ si kurir tetep gak mau ngalah ‘kenapa di alamat paketnya ibu gak tulis aja tempat kerja ini tuh’ gw semakin marah ‘itu kan yg nulis si pengirimnya mas, mana tau si pengirimnya itu tpt kerja saya’ pokoknya gw semkin marah dan pengen ngebejek2 paketnya, klo paketnya gak gw tunggu amet gw bakaln lempar tuh paket saking marahnya, udah aja. Pokoknya disini gw pengen ngeluarin unek-unek gw, emang gw nerima ada beberapa keslaahan dri pihak gw kayak tmen gw yg gak nyantumin langsung no hp gw, malah nyantumin no dia, dan dianya super sibuk jdi pas di telp si kurir dia gak bisa jwab, tapi tmen gw blg koq stiap si kurirnya nanya pke sms, dia bales, tapi diatas si kurirnya blg dia gak pernah dpet jwbn sms ttg alamt yg jelas, ntah mana yg boong, yg pasti gw percaya kurirnya yg stup*d *dan ini yg di bilangin ama tmen aku klo si kurir ini tuh lemot dan bodoh*ato operatornya yg emang suka gak nyampe sms, tapi masa sih gak percaya kayaknya kurirnya aja nih yg teledor. kedua org2 disekitr tempat kerja gw gak tau nama asli gw, dan bodohnya si kurir kenapa dia kataknya dah jdi kurir bertahun2 tapi gak ngeuh klo alamat itu tuh tempat bimbel *tpt kerja gw* dan ada kemungkinan paket itu tuh bwat salah satu staf disitu.


Yg paling bikin gw marah adalah jwabn sms2 si kurir yang merendahakan konsumen, susah gitu bicara sopan, klo si kurirnya nanya dan bales dgn sopan, percekcokan dan ngenes di hati gw ini tuh gak bakalan ada, yg ada gw pasti klo diminta alamt yg jelas gw bales, trus misal klo dia dah nyampe trus blg ‘maaf bu tdi sudah sampai di tkg galon dket sma alamtnya tapi gak tau nama ibu’ gitu kan enak gw jg pasti segan jwabnya ‘iya mas, maaf, mungkin org2 disekitar gak tau nama saya tolong mas dteng aja langsung ke tempat bimbel dan langsung tunggu dket tpt bimbel bla bla bla’ kan klo gitu enak di gwnya dan pasti enak disi kurirnya jg, gak makin ribet, ini malah pake nge sms ‘mo diambil gk paketnya?…. ibu yg ribet… ‘ istigfar gw.


Setahu gw yah bljr di kmpus klo kita punya usaha itu konsumen jadikan yg no 1 dan raja atas segala raja, perlakukan mereka dgn baik karena mereka yg bayar pegawai, bila perlu jika konsumen merasa tidak puas, bikin mreka puas kayak bayar ganti rugi, ato beri sesuatu yg layak atas kesalahan mereka meskipun itu bukan pure kesalahan dri si perusahaan/ pegawainya’. Ini nih tips nya punya usaha yg adem ayem dan jauh dari komentar-komentar negatif, jadi aja gw sbgai konsumen menganggap bahwa karyawan kurir itu tuh tidak berpendidikan.

Sekarang gw malah merasa trauma pake jasa JNE….masalahnya ini gw ngasih alamat ke alamat tpt kerja itu bukan apa2 sebelumnya paket2 suka dikirim ke rumah tapi suatu saat lgi gak ada siapa2 di rmh trus dititipin ke tetangga, eh si tetangganya nyampein apa yg si kurir blg smbil ngasih paketnya, katanya ada alamat lain gak supaya si kurir gak harus jauh-jauh nganter ke rumah gw *emang sih rmh gw itu rada masuk-masuk ke pedesaan gitu* tapi gak etis aja yah minta gak bkin paket dianterin kesitu lagi, ya itu sih resiko jadi pengantar barang kali, mau jauh, mau terpencil, mau ke papua sekalipun kan, kita udah bayar ini koq.


Gw skrg mau nyaranin aja mending skrg pake jasa pengiriman barang pake POS INDONESIA aja, ini tuh perusahaan negara, meskipun dalam satu wilayah kantor pos cman ada satu, gak banyak kayak JNE aku suka ama pelayanan pos, suatu hari ada paket gw dikirim pake pos, di rmh gak ada siapa2, si tkg posnya smpe nelp ke ibu dgn sopan  nanyain ibu kerjanya dmna, trus sampe disamperin ke tpt kerja, dan tukang pos tuh sewilayah dia udah tau biasanya tempat2 ama nama2 warga disitu, secara tukang pos kan biasanya warga lokal. Selain itu pernah tkng pos dteng ke rmh abis nganter paketnya eh dia dgn sopan nanyain bokap gw gmna kabarnya sehat, ampun ramah bgt sampe canggung gw juga, mungkin jg tkang posnya udh tau kali bokap gw.


No offense yah gw cman mau ngungkapin aja isi hati ini, soalnya dri tadi cekcok dada ini berat banget pengen teriak, siapa yg salah, siapa yg konsumen, siapa juga yang dimarahin. Klo enggk gni gw gak bakalan bisa tidur, harus ada yg tanggung jwb klo udh curhat gni smoga klian yg baca bakaln komen trus bisa ngehibur gw gitu ehehe… yo ah peace… majukan POS INDONESIA ehehehe

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Movie review: Hansel and gretel


Chun Jung-Myung as Lee Eun-SooShim Eun-Kyung as Kim Young-Hee

Eun Won-Jae as Kim Man-Bok

Jin Ji-Hee as Kim Jeong-Sun

Park Hee-Soon as Deacon Byeon

Jang Yeong-Nam as Su-Jeong (mother)

Kim Kyeong-Ik as Yeong-Sik (father)

Koh Joon-Hee as Hye-Young

and other additional casts.


Hansel and Gretel is a familiar story for us right..? It usually tells about 2 children who lost in the wood and found a house which is made by chocolate and cake, but they didn’t know that the house was belong to witch. I thought the same way when I found Korean movie titled Hansel and Gretel but actually it’s different. You will know about story line if you watch this movie by your self, I can’t tell about the movie here somehow I only can say that this movie is good. Same with common horror movie *although I confuse what is genre of this movie, I think horror, but not really scary, u know* you will curious about what are actually them? or what’s going on why they act like that? or come on will the main cast  be alive/ safe?

So far I enjoy the first part/ beginning of the movie when eun soo *later he will be called as uncle and I love Jung myung oppa here, and every where on his drama <3 * met the children and ‘parents’. The children is so nice *in the beginning*, cute *for the3rd child*, sweet *for young hee* and even they have blushing red cheek. First impression entered the house you’ll feel both funny and warm but for later? Just watch and figure it out by your self *of course you may watch with your friends… hehehe*

I give the score 89 out of 100.

Source: http://asianwiki.com/Hansel_and_Gretel

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Movie review: Blind (korean movie)


Kim Ha-neul … Min Soo-ah

Yoo Seung-ho … Kwon Gi-seob

Jo Hee-bong … Detective Jo

Yang Young-Jo … Myung-Jin *<— the most suck man in this movie, really*

Dolly … Seul-Gi *<– the most lovely non human in this movie*

Release date(s): – July 22, 2011 (Puchon)

– August 11, 2011 (South Korea)

Director: Ahn Sang-Hoon

Well, maybe as you know this movie is not populer enough like the thieves or the other awaited movies, and also uncoincidentally I downloaded. But firtsly when I saw the people gave with average rating of 100%, I’m getting more curious of this movie. So expectedly the movie is so epic.

The genre is like horror trailer or something like criminal issue or detective, and along the story I got several time of shocked because of the d*mn villain in this movie and you will weep *I’m really sure* in some moments *you cant bear to look seul gi in the end*.

Over all this movie is so interesting. I didnt get my bored along watched this movie cause you will always curios what will happen next and getting more disgust to the villain. But I still have in my tought, why the villain did it to women, it was not told in the movie.

I like Ha neul onni acting here, cause I’m little dissatified about her movie I watched previously,’My pet’. For yoo seung ho, heum… he’s still cute ^^.

In the end I will recommend this movie for 100 out of 100.

Source: Wikipedia

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Review Of Korean Movie: Late Blossom

Title: Late Blossom (그대를 사랑합니다)

Director: Choo Chang-Min

Writer: Choo Chang-MinKang Pool

Producer: Yoon Ki-Chan, Nam Hyun, Kim Sung-Jin

Release Date: February 17, 2011

Genre: Romance / Drama

Source: Asianwiki.com


Now I’m going to talk about a Korean movie titled Late Blossom. The reason why I wanted to watch the movie, there’s no other reason because Jihyo onni. I saw her profile and looking for her past movie she acted in. First I saw the cover and curious why she is not as the main actress and the cover just show 4 ahjussi and ahjumma. But in the end I downloaded it and watched it. I’ve never expected about this movie but I like the soundtrack, I enjoy the story line, I love this movie.

The movie tells about life of 2 older couples, how they met a love and appreciate their love and affection in older age. But the most important here I think the director can take along the feeling of viewer along the story.

In my experience this is the most emotional Korean movie I’ve ever seen. Finished watch this movie, my eyes was going red and hard to open because after watched ¾ of this movie, I cried ceaselessly.

I’m not easy giving the score of a movie, but this movie I give score of 100%. I recommend this movie so much.


Note: *also this movie has the serial in the same title, Late blossom. *for the next if I have another free time I’m going to watch it*

*even if you don’t really like about Korean movie or drama, still you have to watch this movie, trust me.

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