EXO’s first debut album tracklist revealed

The tracklist for EXO-K and EXO-M‘s debut album has leaked. It is a full length album consisting of 13 songs. Most of these songs we have already heard teasers for (because SM Entertainment loves to give us 20 teasers before they actually debut a group) such as Black Pearl, Let Out the Beast, Two Moons, etc. EXO will debut next month in March. Netizens (and fans) are excited to see what SM Entertainment has to offer with this new K-Pop boy band.

1. My Lady
2. Time Control
3. Metal
4. Machine
5. Lightsaber
6. Run & Gun
7. Black Pearl
8. Into Your World
9. Phoenix
10. Let Out The Beast
11. Two Moons
12. What Is Love
13. Emergency

Source: http://kpopcotillion.com/exo-exos-debut-album-tracklist-revealed/

Notes: I’m waiting for this, there’re several songs that I want to listen asap, such as My Lady, Blackpearl, and especially Into your world… yay…and I’m just curious, Will Exo- K and Exo- M sing the same song *same tracklist* in different language? or is there any different tracklist?  Interesting

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