NU’EST review, who are they (in my perspective)?

NU’EST, a new boy band from South Korea with 5 members. They are Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, Ren, and JR as leader. NU’EST revealed their MV on March 14th *white day* 2012.

Check this out

and their first debut stage

If you still confuse of the members and you want to look forward to them here we go, I’m going to introduce them…

1. Baekho was debut and appear in the first teaser


With his blonde hair

And he showed his talent  in taekwondo


And I’m shocked when I saw this


Gosh, he has big calf  :D  :p

2. In the second teaser in Ren

He is second person in my life that I think in the first sight he’s indeed a girl


Even he has nail polish❤ ( I’m a girl and rarely use nail polish O.o )


Ok maybe I’m too much, and moreover I see him as a real boy, see how cool he is…


But I found such this comment on youtube… said ‘Ren maybe pretty, but he has some kind of coldness man in his eyes.’ I totally agree with the comment, proved in these photos


In several scenes he’s still calm and cool, I love him  :-*

3. Go to Minhyun yay,


I think he’s the handsome between the members 8|


I can’t bear to snapshot his lips :-*


O yah I almost forget that in the teaser he sang ‘I’m sorry’ (NU’EST’s song in 1st album tracklist) with slow version, I just can say … oh how romantic he is…

4. Aron

He appeared in the teaser with a sharp car which make him cool guy too + he talked english


Zoom in, like I’m seeing Mblaq G.O


5. and the final, the leader… JR

In the teaser


And again I can find similarity, I think he looks like EXO-M LAY


Maybe it’s the effect of his hair stylish and a lot of scenes in the MV showed JR without his full face…


But finally I can find it


He looks so gorgeous

Yay that’s all my review about NU’EST… I hope you enjoy this…

Before I end this section let me give you more snapshots from the MV


Sources: –

– afterschooldaze

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  1. 1

    hmm lumayan lah,,,ntu c REN ko kaya cwe bnget ya….xixixix ttp keren lah,,,:)
    tapi ngga ada yg bisa gantiin DBSK di hati….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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