When I made Kimbap

I got Gim (김) that is dry seawed from my friend, actually her father went to Korea several days ago… this is it… say thanks to Elka…

It has name Kimbap because Kim for seawed and Bap means rice… so if we compound it, Kimbap means rice seawed, is it right? I think so …. ^_^

and now I was planning make Kimbap, if you don’t know about Kimbap, it’s almost same with Sushi

I prepare boiled carrot, fried egg, and sardine to fill Kimbap.

So first step is we have to put rice above of Gim, like

and then add and put all the ingredients I said formerly

rool of Kimbap

note: I don’t have special rooling tool for Kimchi or Sushi, you know it’s made from bamboo, I originally rolled it without anytool, and you have to make sure your Kimbap is solid, just press by your hand

chop it off, and ta da ~

little bit messy right, but it’s ok🙂 since I tried its taste was so delicious :p😀

Do you wanna try?

Nyam nyam 맛있다 …

Several NG pictures of making this Kimbap

I was watching Tv at the same time when I was cooking, so the result I burned my egg wkwkwwk, dark and ugly…. hahaha 8-x

and the result is BIG rolling of Kimbap

     Wow~ :-??

the last 3 slices of my Kimbap..

So now have you interest to make Kimbap by yourself? Go ahead make your experiment ;))

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