I want to do in Korea

Korea is one of the most popular country  in the world. Korea has many attractions, the culture, technology and also Kpop as Hallyu wave which grow and distract the world in the positive ways.

For this reason I like Korea so much and want to experience Korea closely. I want to explore Korea as much as I can but below I am going to highlight some of the destinations in Korea and what I am going to expect there.

1. Do you know who is that guy?

Every body should know about this oppa who appear in the MV Gangnam Style, that’s right, he is PSY. Nowdays he is so famous of his song, but beside I enjoy the music, I also curious about a place which become the title of this MV, Gangnam. I wonder what is exactly within Gangnam. Is it so interesting as Gangnam Style MV?


I have read about the situation of Gangnam, the place where it has become a symbol of wealth and income inequlity in the country. Now I am planning to do in Gangnam is, spare the times by for a walk to feel the  atmosphere there, so when I come back to my country I can show off that I’ve been in Gangnam. ^.^ It said that Gangnam has many popular building such as SM Entertainment and JYP’s  building, I hope I can meet their artist intentionally, It would be one of the memorable experience. Also it’d be great if I can spend my time to go to building and do audition there, I think I also have talent in singing and dancing so, why don’t I try…

I’m not planning to Gangnam without shopping there maybe, it such a waste time when we only walking around it, how about visit another crowded spot in Gangnam, will you join me? Love to.

2. Gyeongbokgung Palace

The picture above is Gyeongbokgung Palace which is covered by snow. I get the picture from my korean friend in SNS. He told me that feeling such this situation directly was so amazing and I want to do it too someday when I get opportunity to Korea. I wonder how the setting within Gyeongbokgung Palace. Feeling atmospehere of Korea in several hundreds year ago in this palace, not just see it in drama as before, I’ll wait for it someday, really.

3. Hangang

Who does not know this famous area in Korea?

Yes, exactly, Hangang *han river*. Since I know and ‘adore’ Korea by follow through SNS the information and watching a lot of Korea’s drama and reality show, Hangang is a place I curios about. If someday I can go to there, many activities I want to do and see. I want riding bike near Hangang, see fountain in the night, do activity like ordinary citizen so that I can feel being Korean people.

4. Seing Korean idol performance

Since I also like Korean Boyband and Girlband, it’s not complete when I am in Korea but can’t see Boyband and Girlband performance. I must feel how to be real fan by watching and support by shouting any fanchant like korean fans always do in their idol performance.

5.  Going to many market in Korea

Why? because when we visit other country, it’s not complete when we don’t go to shopping and experience local culinaries/ foods. As far as I know, there are a lot of market in Korea, such as Namdaemun market, Insadong market, Dongdaemun market and many more. Walking within the market while taste street foods has been my dream, as long as I often watching Korea’s reality show and drama that introduce me to street foods in Korea.

Actually so many destination in Korea that I want to visit but I can’t review it one by one here. Maybe the highlights above have represented my mind about what I want to do if I am in Korea, the country which I put my hope, my goal and my dream.

References: – http://www.chockysihombing.com/2011/11/12/pusat-belanja-oleh-oleh-di-korea/

– Several pictures are taken from google picture

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