Movie review: Blind (korean movie)


Kim Ha-neul … Min Soo-ah

Yoo Seung-ho … Kwon Gi-seob

Jo Hee-bong … Detective Jo

Yang Young-Jo … Myung-Jin *<— the most suck man in this movie, really*

Dolly … Seul-Gi *<– the most lovely non human in this movie*

Release date(s): – July 22, 2011 (Puchon)

– August 11, 2011 (South Korea)

Director: Ahn Sang-Hoon

Well, maybe as you know this movie is not populer enough like the thieves or the other awaited movies, and also uncoincidentally I downloaded. But firtsly when I saw the people gave with average rating of 100%, I’m getting more curious of this movie. So expectedly the movie is so epic.

The genre is like horror trailer or something like criminal issue or detective, and along the story I got several time of shocked because of the d*mn villain in this movie and you will weep *I’m really sure* in some moments *you cant bear to look seul gi in the end*.

Over all this movie is so interesting. I didnt get my bored along watched this movie cause you will always curios what will happen next and getting more disgust to the villain. But I still have in my tought, why the villain did it to women, it was not told in the movie.

I like Ha neul onni acting here, cause I’m little dissatified about her movie I watched previously,’My pet’. For yoo seung ho, heum… he’s still cute ^^.

In the end I will recommend this movie for 100 out of 100.

Source: Wikipedia

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