Movie review: Hansel and gretel


Chun Jung-Myung as Lee Eun-SooShim Eun-Kyung as Kim Young-Hee

Eun Won-Jae as Kim Man-Bok

Jin Ji-Hee as Kim Jeong-Sun

Park Hee-Soon as Deacon Byeon

Jang Yeong-Nam as Su-Jeong (mother)

Kim Kyeong-Ik as Yeong-Sik (father)

Koh Joon-Hee as Hye-Young

and other additional casts.


Hansel and Gretel is a familiar story for us right..? It usually tells about 2 children who lost in the wood and found a house which is made by chocolate and cake, but they didn’t know that the house was belong to witch. I thought the same way when I found Korean movie titled Hansel and Gretel but actually it’s different. You will know about story line if you watch this movie by your self, I can’t tell about the movie here somehow I only can say that this movie is good. Same with common horror movie *although I confuse what is genre of this movie, I think horror, but not really scary, u know* you will curious about what are actually them? or what’s going on why they act like that? or come on will the main cast  be alive/ safe?

So far I enjoy the first part/ beginning of the movie when eun soo *later he will be called as uncle and I love Jung myung oppa here, and every where on his drama❤ * met the children and ‘parents’. The children is so nice *in the beginning*, cute *for the3rd child*, sweet *for young hee* and even they have blushing red cheek. First impression entered the house you’ll feel both funny and warm but for later? Just watch and figure it out by your self *of course you may watch with your friends… hehehe*

I give the score 89 out of 100.


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