Korean ‘One Take’ Music Video

I wonder why recently most of Korean MV shot by ‘one take video’. You know one take video like the MV is not consist of several scenes of video as always but it’s like the event is in one time moment, without cutting. Maybe I think before the video was shot they had to practice for several times right? Coz if in one part they lost what she/he has to do, it has to be started from the beginning. Ok for the brief let’s take a look for several videos that use one take video style.

Exo – Growl

This is the first I think who introduce such kind of the video. Owh no… I just remember that Sunny hill made such a video before.

Sunny hill – Goodbye to romance

XIA junsu – 11am

The most amazing video, it’s not easy to sing live right? I overheard that making this video the staff only need one take, yeah real one take without NG.

Taeyang – Ringga lingga dance ver

Secret – I do I do

Dickpunks – ‘안녕 여자친구’

Miss $) – You were not the..(Narr. Verbal Jint)

The most recent video,
IU – Friday

Semi ‘one take video’

Why I called it as semi, because not the entire video used ‘one take’ maybe the beginning it’s started from several scenes, not really in ‘one take’, yeah something like that

K will ft Noel – Perfume
FYI, the model is lee seung gi.

And don’t forget about this
Fanta idol Music video !

So far those are the videos that I watched. I think I like this kind of video, really interesting to re-watch again. I believe there’s still much more another korean ‘one take’ music video that I haven’t watched so if you have one just share it here guys.

So now what you’re thinking, let’s discuss it here.

Source: All the videos are belong to their original youtube account

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