Korean movie review: The accomplice

Yahooo~ suddenly comeback again with my korean movie review…

This time I’ll review ‘The accomplice’ or in other title ‘Blood and ties’

How’s the poster? makes you sad, right? No? Yes?

Well the main casts are son ye jin and ahjussi in cinderella sister as moon geun yeong’s step father, remember?. Hah~ if it relates to the story about family espesially parents to their children absolutely it’s going on to be the blue~~~ sad, sorrow, desperate, separate, accident, sick, bla bla bla~ that’s the possibilities.

The casts, synopsis, and other info relate the movie, here http://asianwiki.com/images/e/e0/Blood_and_Ties-p1.jpg

and here is my comment that I attached it in asianwiki~ related to the movie

Until the end it still makes me confused but the additional scene suddenly make it clear… the fact that soon man very loves daeun, though daeun is not his real daughteis that he kidnapped her since she was baby, and his bro inlaw treated him, so in order soo man didnt loose her daugther he kidnapped in soo’s son and asked for money but unfortunately soon man killed in soo’s son… one thing what we should learn from this movie is that a father always love his child and always wants to protect her, but every parent has their own way how to protect their children, right?

Well, I give the point for this movie…. 89 of 100.

The best moment, and also made me wanna cry… so much and really touched, when without telling her father Da eun follow him to go fishing *because initially she suspicious her father is not going fishing because she said her father never catch any fishes* but in the end she knew that her father actually is going to work as valley parker even in his off day and lied to her daugher.😥

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