“Set Me Free” Movie Review

I had planned to watch this movie when it’s scheduled to show in Korea Indonesia Film Festival 2015. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch it because I could only come to theater in Saturday while the movie was in Sunday. But finally, after maybe a week, it’s in gooddrama.net so I ASAP downloaded it. Firstly, I had expected perhaps this movie is about you know, several typical Korean youth movie, that I’ve watched, it’s about sexual abused, but in fact it’s totally different. If can say it’s about relationship between a teenager and his parents.

The movie is actually simple but in the end I feel like, this movie is amazing, it’s great. The character who was played by Choi Woo Sik as Young jae here is brilliant. I think a good film is when after you finished watching it, you still think about it and so with this movie.

This movie depicts a common teenager who was abandoned by his parents but beyond of that he also get pressure from anyone around him. Young jae lives in such shelter house with his adoptive parents, but his adoptive parents force him to leave the house soon, in the other side, his real father also doesn’t want to be responsible to him and his brother, even his father plans to make Young jae’s brother lives with him in shelter house. Yong jae feels depressed and I know how he feels when a teenage in his age needs so many things then he takes a bad way by stealing his adoptive parent’s new shoes in storage room. I know stealing is wrong but in this movie it’s not about wrong but it’s how Young jae can survive. I think he’s so clever and good in making a deal, he sells the shoes to his classmate and the money is used like for giving present to Priest, to his brother,, yeah I think it’s the way he can get survive. But the point is, when he struggles to be a good student in his adoptive parent, Priest, even his tutor Noona from Seoul univ, so he can make to University by scholarship, he also get pressure by his real father to take care of his bro. It’s not because he doesn’t want it and act like a bad son but he want to be free, when he wants to go to univ although he isn’t really smart, gets his own goal to be a priest, makes a quiet life even he promises several times to his adoptive parents that he will return their kindness someday. His adoptive parents seem to be nice but actually they’re really cold and don’t wanna know the first thing is he has just to leave the house. The priest and his Noona mentor also seem so nice and act like they concern of Young jae’s aim becoming a priest but in the end they’re careless especially when there’s an accident when Young jae’s real father comes to the shelter house entrust his brother to him. How can it make Young jae doesn’t rage when his father force him, and he did it twice, God… I hate his father. And yeah I agree why this movie is entitled ‘Set me free’ cause that’s the fact and as if it’s Young jae says in his heart.

I nearly cried when the movie came to an end, it’s not really clear but in my assumption Young jae is getting desperate of his life and perhaps he plans to end it because when he transfers to another shelter house in the village, he’s like packing his own good and he doesn’t bring it but he drops it to his brother. I was so sad.

U know because of this movie I really like Choi Woo Sik. Choi Woo Sik, I respect you. I give 95 for this movie and really waiting for his next project in the future. It’s a good movie, about a teenager who needs attention and loves from family while in fact, nobody doesn’t want him even his real parents.

And I love the poster ..


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    haneyfha07 said,

    I get impression that you share the same feeling with Young Jae at the moment.
    kinda a film that speak for yourself..

    nice review ~

    P.S. don’t forget your priority, dear ^.~ #pats

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